Thursday, June 28, 2012

#2 My rooster Pierre

9x12 acrylic copyrighted 2012 Sold
Nita Leger Casey
After I created this blog last night ,I was so exited thinking about all the animals I was going to paint and couldn't go to sleep,well 6AM came and I had a hard time getting up,then I realized what I did last night and panicked a little .Yes I am going to paint 75 paintings,one thing is I am not going to give myself a time frame ,I do paint most days ,but it will be time when I have to work on something else .
I decided to paint my first rooster Pierre because I did mentioned him in my first post ,Well I raised him from a three day chick not knowing it will be a rooster, he was the cutest things with three other hens, at the time I was teaching an afternoon kids class so they had fun with the chicks ,that summer it sure was a learning experience ,for Tim and I .Tim had to build a coop that turned out real cute with lace curtains and all ! Pierre grew up to be  gorgeous ,but also came the attitude, we had a few fights, he was so over protective of the hens,this little guy would chase a big 230 pound men ruining around the yard ,a few times I told him I was going to make Coq au vin with him ,but because he was so beautiful and a model for my paintings ,he was saved and died of old age !

he was a Lakenvelders
Email me if you are interested on #2 .

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Rooster George #1

8x10 acrylic on paper ,(c) 2012
Nita Leger Casey
I decided to start a challenge for myself and create paintings of creatures who have touch my life in many ways .
75 paintings $75.00 each and this is #1
This was my rooster George, he came into my life one day when I went to the farmer's market in Pepperell, George had been a science project for the school but he was a big boy and the teacher decided he needed a home , I had just lost my previous rooster Pierre and my girls needed a gardian ,well they didn't think so!  the two hens I had did not give him the best welcome to the coop.
they later regretted their hostile actions, he did indeed rule the roost but also took good care of them.

Each painting will be mated  with a certificate of authanticity and a 2 greeting cards.
Email me for details