Thursday, July 5, 2012

A loon by the moon

#4  of my series,acrylic on paper
9x12 (c)2012
Nita Leger Casey
Two nights ago my friends and I were sitting by a campfire on the edge of the water when the moon started to rise ,what a beautiful scene ! the loons are always swimming by, I had taken a photo of one of them just an hour before ,so i combined the scene.
30 years ago when we came to Maine I did not know what a loon was, I remember the real estate agent telling me how wonderful it was to have loons on the pond, I learned fast about them and fell in love with them, my friends and I worry about them all the time, check if they are nesting, get mad a the dam owner who sometimes does not control the water level as he should, they have lost their nest a few times with the fluctuation of the water level.They fish all day long and are able to stay under water for a longtime. I love the sound they make at night, we also know when they feel danger they will let you know with their loud cry,they do not like planes flying over,in the winter they go to the ocean,and come back every year to the same lake or pond.
  again if you are interested
emil me

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